Saturday, April 23, 2011



Easter is here!  Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love it for many different reasons.  I love that it is not as commercialized as Christmas.  I love the Easter Bunny, jellybeans, and going to church with my family.  I love that the Devil was defeated and Jesus rose from the grave.  I love that he gave his life for my family and me. 


When I was little Easter was going to church with my dad.  Easter was the only time my dad went to church.  I loved sitting in church with my whole family.  I felt so proud.  Now I know that many of you are thinking.  Why didn’t my dad go to church with us all of the time?  I am not going to defend him but he had to get up at 4:30 in the morning everyday for work.  So I am sure that he did not want to get up early on Sunday.

We had a small apartment, so there were only a few places where you can hide eggs.  I was always amazed that my dad knew exactly where the Easter Bunny hide all of the eggs.  Usually that Saturday night I would look outside to try to see if I could see the Easter Bunny.  My mom would tell me the same thing that she told me when I was up waiting for Santa.  That he would not come until I was sleeping.  One time she told me that he saw him because he saw his ears coming over the apartments across the street.  So I thought that the Easter Bunny was like 40 feet tall.  I pictured this giant bunny hoping threw the streets.  How could he fit in the door?

I remember everything that I am grateful for and everything that God has given me.  I have a wonderful husband, and two beautiful kids.  Anything else that comes my way I can handle because I know that God is with me and that Jesus loved me so much that he died for me.  He died for my husband and my kids, and everyone else in the world.  How amazing is that!

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