Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The first book in the Shadow Realm Chronicles!

 It's finally here! The first book in the Shadow Realm Chronicles! Paperback coming soon!
Many years ago, darkness tore apart the worlds. They called it the Great War, for it was massive and involved all the realms of all the worlds save one. Enemies on either side grew their armies for battle with heavy casualties. New allies formed out of this bloodshed while old ones crumbled. The Great War might be over, but another one looms in the distance, and it all begins with a lonely mother named Maeve.
Maeve once was a loving mother and wife, but darkness transforms her into a creature of the night. She is at the mercy of the Shadow King and her vampire master.
Do they love Maeve or is she another pawn in their schemes? Will her family fight for her or leave her? Will Maeve fight back or succumb to the shadows?

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